This summer we connected through Istanbul for a twenty four hour layover en route back to Singapore. As we were there during the fasting for Ramadan the city was relatively quiet and peaceful during the day. At night, however, a completely different dynamic opened up as what felt like the whole city came out into the streets to dine, spend time with loved ones, and take in the beautiful atmosphere of the old city. I had such a magnificent time in Istanbul that you can imagine my complete shock when I arrived home in Singapore to discover that a suicide attack at Ataturk airport had killed 41 people with 230 others suffering various injuries. Terrorism is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in today, and to be this close was certainly shocking, but made me even more appreciative of the people who suffer every day of their lives through these horrific risks. My heart goes out to the amazing people of Istanbul, and those many people throughout the world less fortunate than I am, I hope that the future offers us all brighter days ahead.



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