South Africa

South Africa is a country unlike any other. After driving through the dry and arid Namibian countryside, the lush green hills of the Western Cape were a most welcome sight. We spent a night in a beautiful vineyard property, where we sampled nine different local wines for a mere $6 USD (the most expensive bottle we could later purchase was only $10 USD!). Our journey took us south into Cape Town, one of the most breathtaking cities I have ever seen. With the combination of wonderful temperate climate, beautiful mountains, and the ocean right on your doorstep, I would move there in a heartbeat. While in Cape Town we had a chance to explore and drive down to the Cape of Good Hope, as well as get in the sea and cage dive with great white sharks! We also learned more about the local culture, and the hardships the post-apartheid era has levied on many of the minorities in the area. All told, I would recommend this country, and in particular Cape Town for anyone seeking a combinational sense of adventure and pristine beauty.

TAllen-2013-09-06-5731 TAllen-2013-09-07-5754

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