Taipei 101

This weekend we flew to Taipei for a quick three day getaway from Seoul. Although at ground level many of the buildings resemble Seoul in terms of architecture and their generally drab appearance, this was where the similarities ended. I quickly felt at home in the city, appreciating the people for their diverse and individual outlooks. The citizens were all very helpful, and we had no difficulty getting by with English, with many people going out of their way to help us. The highlight of Taipei in my opinion is most definitely the food. At night the markets come to life, and we had everything: enough meat on a skewer to make your head spin (including chicken butt), whole pig cooked over a spit, squid in every form imaginable, boar sausages, incredible fresh fruit, pig’s blood soup, and dumplings that are an art form in themselves to name a few (I maintain that you could spend day wandering the markets and never eat the same things twice). Unfortunately the weather wasn’t overly cooperative and subsequently my camera was not out for a lot of it, but I managed to get a few shots from a day market near to our hotel. If you’re ever able to plan a stopover in Taipei go for it, it’s nothing short of heaven for food lovers.

TAllen-2013-03-03-2166 TAllen-2013-03-03-2158 TAllen-2013-03-03-2155 TAllen-2013-03-03-2151

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