Maldives: Paradise on Earth

It seems that since the dawn of exploration, people have been on a quest to find the elusive “paradise on Earth.” I have been extremely fortunate in being able to witness first-hand a multitude of exquisite beaches around this wonderful world of ours. However, I can say with full confidence that they all paled in comparison to the jaw-dropping awe I experienced when our boat from Male first brought Biyadhoo Island into sight. The island itself is simply incredible, it can be traversed in roughly thirty minutes on foot, yet still offers a sense of solitude with a multitude of small secret beaches strewn amongst the swaying palms. The service on the island is impeccable, and we felt truly pampered for our short duration of time there (in stark contrast to our usual form of budget travel). Although expensive to get to, (and also expensive upon arrival), this chain of islands is indescribably beautiful, and offers something for any traveler, regardless of age or preferences.

Paradise lost? Paradise found.

Maldives BeachMaldives LookoutMaldives Beach II

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