Seoul in Motion

I have been a bit absent of late in terms of my still photography. This is largely in part to an ambitious project which I have decided to commence. I find that often I am unable to convey to my friends and family back home the essence of life in Seoul via photography. This has in part inspired me to begin shooting time lapses throughout the city in order to convey Seoul in its perpetual state of motion. As such I have opened a Vimeo channel where you can stay up to date with my work. The first video was shot a few nights ago in Gangnam. For the music I have used my friend’s local band ‘The Practice’ and the song is called ‘Wedding Bells’. Below is the direct link to the video itself and immediately underneath is a singular still from the 530 RAW images which went into the construction of this portion of my video. I hope you enjoy.

Seoul in Motion: Gangnam


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