Seoul of Late

Having lived in Seoul since May 2008 (albeit off and on) it would be rather obvious for me to state that there have been some ups and downs with my opinions and general demeanour towards the city throughout those years. Lately, however, I have definitely be riding a high. A lot of my friends here in Korea have been discussing this remarkable spring we have been having, and what a pleasure it is to get out and explore the city in this weather (generally when I think climatically in terms of Seoul I am torn between the horrid extremes of biting icy winds in the winter and torrential downpours working in conjunction with 100% humidity in the summer, both with the sole intent to ruin my life, of course). I have been very inspired of late in terms of my photography, and I have to thank the people who have provided me with positive feedback regarding this website as my continual motivation. Here are a few shots I have taken over the past month or so. I will let the photos themselves do the talking.

On an aside, I have begun work on what could (if all goes according to plan) result in an epic project for me within this city. Stay tuned…



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