Chiaksan National Park (치악산국립공원)

It’s amazing what a trip outside of the city will do for refreshing one’s mindset. This past weekend four of us packed up our tents and headed out to Chiaksan National Park. Despite the relative proximity to Seoul (one and a half hour bus to the city of Wonju, followed by a cab or bus to the national park) the area is fairly remote and idyllic, a welcome transition from the hustle and bustle of Seoul. Despite some awkward run ins with the park rangers, we were able to bypass the conventional ‘auto park’ campgrounds (essentially masses of tents stacked one upon the other surrounded by vehicles, a far cry from what we desired) and make camp at an isolated location inside the park, close to the Sangwonsa temple and alongside the banks of the river which runs through the park. Spending the weekend amidst serene nature including lush forests, powerful waterfalls, and wildlife provided just the recharge we all had been seeking. Below is an array of images I shot during our stay in the park.


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